Barcode printer


CIS406P inspect & printing two-in-one printer

  • Label printerResolution 203dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi, HF RFID, UHF RFID


    Software including

    Standard software: Verify printing content and compare data.

    Image anti-counterfeiting: label image collection, data management & query of texture sawtooth feature.

    RFID verify: compare RFID data and printed content.

    Special for 4inch label printer

    Read speed up to 254MM / sec

    The length of detection label is up to 255mm

    Multiple LED light source modes (suitable for different material background color)

    CIS visual system verifies the imaging content:

    Various barcode reading, OCR character recognition, OCV detection, image template comparison.

    The unique decoding software from Megawin Bestow Group:

    Database comparison, historical data query, string comparison, serial number comparison and time comparison.


    Identification security

    Unique decoding software from Megawin Bestow Group improves the security of your packaging indentification.

    Identify defects, avoid fines and disputes, reduce rework, control scrap, and reduce legal risk.

    • User friendly interface blue LED indicator. Blue indicates normal; red indicates error

    • 3.5 "full color LCD display. Clear and bright color, easy to observe real-time information and video.

    • Built in 18 troubleshooting videos. For example, print head, roller, consumable replacement, etc.

    • The new menu design, combined with the universal key design, makes the operation more comfortable and flexible.

    • Durable, humanized design aluminum die casting and steel metal structure. Strong and durable for all kinds of harsh environments

    • Aluminum die casting parts (bottom, frame, front cover, carbon belt shaft, print head device)

    • With large windows, easy to detect usage of labels and carbon tapes

    • Space saving folding metal side cover, more refined and humanized.

  • In the process of label printing by barcode printer, defects may happen due to crease of carbon tape, lack of needle in the print head, and foreign matter in self-adhesive.

    Cause appearance defects, database mismatch, and complaints from downstream supply chain 

    CIS108 detection system can effectively prevent label printing errors, improve "identification security", and provide necessary data security for all production process before delivery.

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