Digital inkjet system


Variable digital inkjet system

Independent control with IDesign software on different produce lines

  • The new Idesign eco operating system IDesign can drive different printhead at the same time with no amount limitation, and those printheads can be independently controlled in different produce lines. Based on the reliable TIJ & Piezo technology, X1 series consistently provides users with high quality, high efficiency, low cost and easy to operate coding solution.


    Upload printing task through U-disk and network

    User can create the printing task content on any computer through the free software attached with the printer, and then directly control printing through network, or saves the print task to USB disk, then insert it into printer, to perform printing task. Printer can also store print task and print independently.

    Easy to install and operate

    X1 series is a plug and play inkjet printer. Insert ink cartridge, connect power, and press start button to perform the printing task.

    The volume of X1 printer is just slightly larger than the ink cartridge, which takes up very little space. It can be flexibly installed on various production lines with different needs, and the installation is convenient.

    The printhead can be installed on the horizontal and vertical sides of the product through different installation methods.



    X1 series needs to connect external sensors or select internal sensors in the installation process, and the setting of printing delay needs to be set in the software when making printing tasks.

    9 print task can be stored in the printer, and printing task can be selected on the printer directly.

    Printing width 1.0-12.7mm, length 1000mm

    Printing direction from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom

    The highest speed is up to 90m / min, and the maximum resolution is 600dpi

    The body is small: 91 × 75 × 122mm, and weighs 570g.

    Meet CE standards

    Meet GS1&UDI standards

    Operating system supportWindows7/Windows8/Windows10

  • X1 series is mainly for the identification of printing, label, food, medicine, wood floor, gypsum board and carton packaging. The highly integrated design and flexible application of X1 make the equipment have unlimited potential in the identification field.



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