Digital inkjet system


Variable data digital inkjet system

Printhead technology HP TIJ 2.5 - 12.7 mm high single printhead

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    Thermal inkjet printing technology

    The maximum number of printheads is 4PENS (total height 203.20 mm / 8inch)

    0.5 mm – 2 mm from surface


    Speed / resolution (horizontal x vertical)

    600 x 600 DPI maximum speed 38 M / min

    300 x 600 DPI single train maximum speed 38 M / min

    600 x 300 dpi high speed maximum speed 76m / min

    300 x 300 dpi single train maximum speed 76 M / min

    600 x 200 DPI high speed maximum speed 114 M / min

    300 x 300 dpi high speed maximum speed 152 M / min

    300 x 150 DPI high speed maximum speed 306 M / min

    The maximum data length can be 2.7 M

    Ink: HP 42ml / 370ml

    Printing capacity

    1: Fonts fully support Windows TrueType ®. You can make and install special fonts by downloading

    2: Date, time, counter, text, shift, barcode and other functions

    All contents can be zoomed, rotated (90, 180, 360) and ink consumption can be adjusted according to different printing materials

    3: Multi nozzle seamless printing function

    Database supports TXT, Excel format, supports SQL server and ODBC

    bar code

    1: There are more than 70 kinds of 1D and 2D codes (with database)

    2: You can create barcode content freely, such as special barcode with time date synchronization or counter function

    3: The ink space ratio of barcode can be adjusted to achieve the printing under harsh conditions


    1:嵌入WINDOWS2000/XP操作系统的OBJ INKdraw.友好的中文人机对话支持多国语种. 
    2: 支持触摸显示屏 
    3: 使用以太网络或RS232连接,就可远程控制OBJ INKdraw。其广泛的兼容性,可通过对应接口实现与不同类型的工作软件衔接. 

    5: INKdraw免费升级 

    Design software

    1: Obj inkdraw embedded in Windows 2000 / XP operating system. Friendly Chinese man-machine dialogue, supports multiple languages

    2: Touch screen support

    3: Obj inkdraw can be controlled remotely through Ethernet or RS232 connection. Its extensive compatibility can connect with different types of working software through certain interface.

    4: Customized software for customer

    5: Inkdraw free upgrade

    6: It can flexibly set the use authority of the operator to facilitate production management

    Monitor the start of printing when printing, and the printed content will be displayed in the printing window

    Printing cost calculation can calculate ink consumption and ink cartridge printable quantity at any time, and to control the cost clearly

    Meet CE standards

    Operating system supportWindowsXP/Windows7


  • The ink-jet system based on the thermal inkjet technology is suitable for the ink-jet printing system of single sheet paper coding platform, cartridge coding printing equipment, roll to roll label printing and online packaging equipment



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