Automatic labeling system

Floor type standard labeling machine

Floor type standard labeling machine

  • Can applicate label on the top and side of the carton box, and can be combined flexibly according to different application requirements, such as material distribution, detection and rejection. Optional synchronous printing system, real-time printing and pasting of variable data and barcode


    User friendly interface, very convenient and intuitive operation.

    Side applicator can be adjusted flexibly

    The servo motor drives the applicator to ensure the accuracy and speed of labeling with SIEMENS central processor. Realize the integrated control of machine and electricity.

    Use emery driving roller, double pressing roller, more accurate labeling.

    Automatically match the production speed.

    Meet GMP standard, ensure the whole machine reliable, lasting and stable.


    Material distribution speed: 600 pieces / min

    Labeling parameters: label size: 10-80mm 10-120mm precision: ± 1mm

    Applicable label: self adhesive single row roll with transparent / translucent label, translucent grazin base paper; inner diameter of label roll φ 76mm, maximum outer diameter of label roll φ 340mm

  • Suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical, electronic, hardware industries and other multi-functional adjustment of the labeling head, can cooperate with various assembly line operations.



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