Six axis robot

  • Industrial Robot  Focus • Agility • Competitiveness

    “Whole process motion labeling technology to provide reliable and stable identification security in supply chain”Focus on labeling application


    Lightweight design, support any angle of the installation arm length, which can be customized, more work space.

    Compact body, hollow structure joint, cable pipeline built-in design.

    Because of its high precision, it is often used for precise short-range movement in limited space.

    High speed and low vibration, flexible action, and effective improvement of productivity.

    Networked control system, with rich external interface and expansion ability, easy to integrate.

    Easy to use

    HMI interface is easy to learn 

    Small space
    Easy printer cooperation
    Low cost operation

    Visual positioning labeling

    Light robot 

    Flexible production, small space operation, high precision and high speed

    The new six axis flexible robot adopts lightweight design. The extension arm of each axis can greatly expand the working space, and the working range can be designed according to the demand.

    Achieve the highest performance in the smallest space with the highest flexibility and accuracy.

    Simple printing equipment and the 879 robot of Megawin Bestow Group can reduce the printing cost, reduce the technical dependence and master the market initiative.


  • Optional Features

    Visual positioning: use 5M pixels COMS camera, to caculate the 2D image of the pasted object surface, and the vision system sends the pasted object information to the robot system to label on specified area


    Label detection: To inspect label images (barcode reading, data comparison) before labeling by 600DPI CIS system, to ensure the quality of the labels, and to avoid the defect labels been pasted on products. This option needs  a computer.

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